I love records

Since 1995 I've been interested in Vinyl Records. They are my huge love. My collection includes more than 400 different vinyl records and it' still not enough. The first vinyl album I've bought was Michael Jackson's Thriller, but it doesn't mean that I'm only into his music. In general, I like everything. I'm just addicted to the sound you can receive from a gramophone. I'm never fed up with it!

What exactly will you find on my blog? Here are several ideas that have already crossed my mind:

  • Vinyl record reviews,
  • My personal opinions about various artists,
  • Advices on how to choose, use and take care of a gramophone.

But, as it's my personal blog, I'll not limit myself. If there's something that I want to share with you, I'll definitely do it, so... stay tuned for more